Free Masterclass (Limited 200 Spots): How to Start Designing FUN GAMES Consistently & Get a Job In The Game Design Industry in 8 Weeks




THE 5 MOST COMMON STRUGGLES For Getting a Job In The Game Design Industry That We Are Going To Help You Overcome During The MasterClass


#1: How to Start

You want to make your first steps and break into the game industry but feel stuck, lost and even hesitant about quitting on your dream job.

#2: Lack of Portfolio

You may be an aspiring game designer struggling to build a portfolio that captures the attention of hiring managers at the top video game studios.

#3: Lack of Confidence

You lack confidence in your prototypes and game mechanics so you overcomplicate them or never get them out from ideation stage.

#4: Boring Games

You've built games and developed some mechanics but they resulted in being boring and lacking something to captivate players' interest.

#5: Not Enough Money

You may be hesitating to take out a student loan (or commit 4 years of your life) for a video game design or development degree, just so you can have a chance to break in the industry.

a little bit more on “WHY” you must ATTEND…


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Triple A & Indie studios around the world like Riot, Blizzard, Sony Santa Monica, RockStar, and many others are expanding their teams post pandemic.

They need great and talented people, and that can be YOU!

Getting into the industry can be pretty stressful and challenging, especially as the interest in the field is growing. You want to make sure that when you get out there you are in the best possible position to present yourself, your experience & portfolio, and what you can bring to the table.

Well, this Masterclass can give you the edge.

Discover Exactly
  • A proven 8-step process to design an amazing AAA-quality game (regardless of your budget)
  • How to build memorable characters your players will love and connect with
  • Fun-smithing: The secret to making your game addictingly fun for players
  • Powerful psychological triggers to captivate players and make them care deeply about your game and play till the end
  • Powerful Case Studies & Valuable Insights from my Blizzard and Riot work
  • How to add strategic components to your game (no matter the genre) to keep players engrossed
  • 5 Myths about getting into the Game Design Industry and what you should do
  • Project management secrets & design processes of the pros
  • How to prioritize correctly to avoid feature bloat & ways to simplify and deal with complexity creep
  • Much, much more...

It doesn’t matter what your current game design skill level, technical knowledge or educational background are. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own games or work in the video game industry, then this FREE MASTERCLASS is for you.

You Will Get Additional Resources By the End of the Masterclass To Support Your Design Journey

Born from my experience & pitfalls from successfully launching a dozen Triple A titles, these are some of the most valuable free resources I’ve ever created.
  • 7 Elements of Truly Amazing Games
  • How To Land Your Dream Job As A Video Game Designer (regardless of degree or certification)
  • Step By Step Iterative Process Checklist that I used on my games
  • Empathy Map to better understand your players needs
We know your time is valuable. These free resources are simply our way of thanking you for taking the time to attend the Masterclass and learning with us.
Master Class Is Taught By:

Alex Brazie aka Xelnath (Triple-A Veteran & Creative Director)

Alex is a gameplay mechanics and systems designer with a history of work in studios such as Blizzard, Riot , Moon Studios and couple of other small projects.

He has over 15+ years of industry experience as a gameplay designer on titles such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends and Ori and Will of Wisps.

Alex helped train professional teams such as Activision’s Call of Duty’s design team and over 40 Designers from Tencent.

He has consulted on games like Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Diablo 3.

Xelnath has crafted dungeon and raid bosses, League champions, mini-games, battlefields, and PVP pet battles.

Alex has been teaching aspiring game designers to help them achieve their professional goals in the industry for the last 3 years.

We have set the ambitious goal of creating the most effective learning space for students and help shape the new generation of game designers.

Studios worked at:

Alex’s students landed jobs at:


What experts say about Alex

Cesar Gonzalez
Blizzard Producer
“Working with Alex has been one of the best experiences of my career. He is reliable, talented and a positive influence on every project he is a part of”.
Davin Pavlas
Sr. Director, Strategic Advisory at Riot Games
When Alex focuses his efforts on a systems- level problem, he goes hard and thoroughly explores the problem space. I was always impressed by the depth of his explorations and investigations.
Brian Urbanek
Sr. Lead Game Designer ActiVision (Call of Duty)
I was immediately impressed with the clarity and craft inherited in his style. I’ve used his approach to train jr.designers, and communicate iterative design processes with engineers & production.



Mike Breese
Game Designer
Riot Games
"I was able to land my dream job at RIOT"
Learning from Alex was a great way for me to jumpstart my design career. Without Alex’s help I wouldn’t have been able to land my dream job at RIOT. I recommend it to everyone new to game design or wanting to advance in the field.
Peter Mata
Narrative Implementer
Sony Santa Monica
"Great way for someone to level up their skills and to get into game design"
Alex’s knowledge is an excellent tool to kickstart your game design career. Not only is it a great option for a designer looking to fill in any blind spots they may have, but it’s also a great way for someone to level up their skills and to get into game design.”
Jonathan Alcontin
Lead Designer
Tilting Point
"Alex's knowledge will help you become a stronger designer."
Alex is dedicated to help others become better game designers. Whether you’re a new designer looking to learn industry best practices in design or an experienced veteran with a desire to sharpen your current skills his knowledge will help you become a stronger designer.
Michael Swedo
Game Designer
Riot Games
I applied what I learned from Alex & was able to get a job at Jam City designing mobile games
Loved the use of practical examples, breaking them down and seeing what we can learn from them. Felt the class was reasonably beginner friendly and that students who are either very motivated, or game design students would benefit significantly.
Josef & Simone
DU&I Games
"Our university degree was not as practical and design focused as Alex's teachings"
We completed a 3-year university program on game design, and those lessons were theory heavy and not as immediately practical & touched very vaguely on design principles compared to what was taught by Alex.
Dustin Kohnen
Senior Game Designer
"Alex's class has significantly helped me in my design career"
Alex's class has significantly helped me in my design career. When discussing game design I can recognize that I am way more structured than most other designers. I can see what the trades are in design decisions and it’s because of the lenses I acquired.


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  • Build an effective portfolio that actually works
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