Best Game Engines for Beginner Game Developers in 2023


In game development, choosing a game engine that matches your project, team, and scope is vital. Using an incompatible game engine can cause hiccups resulting in a delayed release (or even shelving the project indefinitely).  The problem is that there are so many types of games, programming languages, and platforms that it can take time […]

How to Effectively Lead a AAA Game Development Team | Barry Hawkins | Funsmith Fireside Chats #5

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Funsmith Fireside Chats Episode #5 Guest: Barry Hawkins Barry Hawkins is a product development consultant with experience in orchestration at scale for lean, agile teams that practice iterative development. He has done this with software product development companies ranging from 5-person start-ups to hundreds of team members practicing distributed development within loosely-coupled, cross-functional teams. In […]