Blog / Game Design Podcast / Get Noticed by Game Design Hiring Managers | David Zheng | Funsmith Fireside Chats #1 – Game Design Skills

Get Noticed by Game Design Hiring Managers | David Zheng | Funsmith Fireside Chats #1 – Game Design Skills

Get Noticed by Game Design Hiring Managers | David Zheng | Funsmith Fireside Chats #1 – Game Design Skills

Funsmith Fireside Chats Episode #1

Guest: David Zheng

David Zheng is the behind the scenes Co-Founder of Game Design Skills. He’s a growth marketing strategist and an avid self learner who has acquired a range of skills during his entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, we had a nuanced discussion on how to increase your chances on getting your foot in the door in the gaming industry as an aspiring game designer. How to get get noticed by hiring managers and best practices for your game design portfolio.

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#1: David Zheng – Get Noticed by Game Design Hiring Managers

Topic Breakdown (with Timestamp)

2:44 – How to Capture and Keep The Attention of job interviewers and ultimately get your foot in the gaming industry door

5:08 – Live exercise for evaluating and hiring a character designer

10:40 – How to properly approach your game design job interview

12:40 – How to find your fit in a new work environment

15:57 – How to get your resume past the automated screening system and into human hands

18:20 – What should I include in my game design resume to stand out from the competition? (Portfolio)

19:45 Definitive process of getting into game industry?

22:08 – Common problems when looking for your first game design job and how to overcome them

24:42 – How to showcase your game in a portfolio in a way that demonstrates your skills

27:32 – How to push against your limits and think through other spaces that are adjacent to your skill set?

29:26 – What are some essential tools that aspiring Game Designer can utilize to drill and exercise?

33:06 – How generate new ideas and get inspiration from other work without plagiarizing?

36:57 – What are some accessible ways for an aspiring game designer to accumulate experience?

40:07 – Some soft skills to make use of when building your game design portfolio

42:28 – How have group projects in college helped you adapt to the real world?

45:55 – Join online communities to network and to meet people outside of your skillset

47:31 – Why being collaborative is a crucial skillset in the workspace?

50:00 – Common way most Interviewees fail out of their interview

51:33 – What is the nature of giving people advise?

52:47 – Best place for the audience/viewers to get more information and watch more game design content?

What was your favorite part of this episode with David?

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