Success Stories Brian Urbanek

” I encountered Alex’s work while working on X-Com 2 at Firaxis, and was immediately impressed with the clarity and craft inherited in his style.

I’ve used his approach to guide brainstorming sessions, train jr. designers, and communicate iterative design processes with engineers & production.”

Brian Urbanek
Brian Urbanek
Current:  Sr. Lead Game Designer

Brian’s story

Brian Urbanek had been a long time reader of Alex’s blog and was already working in the Games Industry at Firaxis on XCom 2 when the opportunity came to work on Call of Duty.

Looking for an ideal set of principles and lessons to use to teach the junior designers there, he used the FPGD concepts to level-up his entire design team. 

skills he gained

  • Learned how to train his entire design team in more effective iterative design strategy
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