Success Stories Dustin Kohnen

“This workshop has significantly helped me in my design career.

When discussing game design and any related material, I can simply recognize that I am way more structured than most other designers. I can see what the trades are in design decisions and it’s because of the lenses.

One of the biggest values in the community is connecting with experienced designers and exploring different ideas because they can help you understand which thought processes to follow when aiming to design better and more exciting games.”

Dustin Kohnen
Dustin Kohnen
Current:  Senior Game Designer

Dustin’s story

Dustin Kohnen was an experienced technical implementer, but really struggled with finding ways to get better at PvP and systems design.

FPGD offered a framework for improving the quality of his iterations and was so effective he came back for private 1:1 mentorship.

His next game release would have over an 85% positive rating on Steam. 

skills he gained

  • Created better processes for approaching design
  • Learned how to pitch his concepts and strategies more effectively
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