Success Stories Jonathan Alcontin

“Alex is dedicated to help others become better game designers.

Whether you’re a new designer looking to learn industry best practices in design or an experienced veteran with a desire to sharpen your current skills his knowledge will help you become a stronger designer.”

Jonathan Alcontin
Jonathan Alcontin
Current:  Lead Designer

Jonathan’s story

Jonathan Alcontin had just been promoted to lead designer on a mobile title at Tilting Point, which recently raised 235 million dollars, and wanted to become a better game design leader.

Management supported his efforts to get extra insight and mentorship and he took both FPGD and private 1:1 lessons with Alex.

In the end, he helped dramatically improve both his leadership and development processes, increasing the self esteem of his teammates and the quality of their games.

skills he gained

  • Became a better design lead and mentor by learning how to evaluate game design trade-offs
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