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“Despite reading design books, volunteering at events, going to every possible panel, and learning all the general and technical skills that I could; I still felt lost as to what game design really was.

I found GDS one night looking at ads. After doing more research, it led me to Alex’s blog sites where after spending some time there, I quickly became aware of all the high-level material that I did not know I could see. 

Upon enrolling in Alex’s course and starting the program, it felt like a veil had been lifted where I could see and notice things I couldn’t before.”

Justin Chin
Justin Chin
Current:  Design Production Assistant @ Tencent - Lightspeed LA

Justin’s story

Justin graduated from a game design school and studied many design books but ended up learning a lot of general skills that he didn’t know how to apply or use to build his portfolio.

He worked a regular day job to make ends meet and would practice game design late at night.

He decided to sign up to the 8-Week Immersion program to get more structure and focus.

Within the first few months, Justin landed an assistant producer position at Gamevil, the mobile gaming studio that has over 70 games in their portfolio.

Justin was ecstatic when he told us the news in our private community chat and mentioned the immersion program really made the difference in landing the job.

Fast forward to today, Justin is now an employee at Tencent as a Design Production Assistant.

skills he gained

  • Learned how to speak as designers do, enabling him to have more effective interviews
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