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“Alex’s lessons helped me find my voice as a designer, emphasizing clear, consistent mechanics and connecting with my players.

He expertly balances teaching the psychology of design and the skills a young designer should seek to execute on their ideas.”

Michael Swedo
Michael Swedo
Current:  Game Designer

Michael’s story

Michael Swedo had always wanted to make video games ever since he was little.

In his free time, he started making mods, and loved seeing the joy and satisfaction on his friends’ faces when they played them.

He knew he wanted to make a career out of game design but wasn’t sure where to start.

After graduating college, he started by applying to every single gaming company in the western seaboard but only received 3 calls back.

And none of them ended up offering him an interview.

Mike quickly realized how small the industry is to break into as an outsider.

So Mike decided to take the immersion program to hone his skills, chat and collaborate with other designers and learn tips for getting into the industry.

Then 3 weeks after finishing the Immersion course, Mike was able to land a job at Jam City, a mobile studio with 7 titles on the top 100 highest-grossing charts in the Apple App Store.

skills he gained

  • Learned how to drive his own ideas forward, becoming more accessible
  • Discovered his inner passion for prototyping and mechanics design
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