Success Stories Mike Breese

“Learning from Alex in First Principles of Game Design immersion program was a great way for me to jumpstart my design career.

Without Alex’s program and guidance I wouldn’t have been able to land my dream job at Riot. I recommend it to everyone new to game design or wanting to seriously advance in the field.”

Mike Breese
Mike Breese
Current:  Systems Designer

Mike’s story

Mike Breese was one of the early First Principle of Game Design immersion program student who landed his dream job as a level designer at Riot Games, who you probably know is behind League of Legends and Valorant.

Before joining the First Principle of Game Design, Mike enjoyed making his own games as a hobby, but he faced common issues such as being over ambitious with his game ideas instead of getting a working MVP going.

The program helped him focus on the most important aspects of designing a hit game, and provided him a community of other passionate game designers to bounce ideas off of.

After completing the program, Mike was able to get a job at Avalanche Studios. And just recently he was hired by his dream company Riot.

Now he is also an instructor for our upcoming beginner’s course Introduction to Game Design.

Skills he gained

  • Communicating designs and systematically approaching ambiguous problems to consistently create the fun factor
  • Learned the importance of clear communication and thematic alignment
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