Success Stories Ruhan Bello


“It’s been rewarding to partake in a program that provides me the opportunity to get all my game design questions answered ever so directly.”

Ruhan Bello
Ruhan Bello
Current:  Game Developer, Lead Programmer and Co-founder of Mafu Games

Ruhan’s story

Ruhan Bello was a test engineer at Exit Games, working on a powerful new platform for multiplayer titles. 

However, his dream of becoming a Game Designer led to him asking Alex to trial run the FPGD course even though it wasn’t finished yet.

As our first beta tester, Ruhan provided great feedback on the course and used his learnings to come back to Exit Games with proposals on how to design better prototypes and tools for their customers.

He created his own position as a designer in the company, leading the way on both tools and prototypes.

skills he gained

  • Confidence to give directed feedback to external teams when developing small games
  • An effective process to iterating quickly
  • The ability to identify design problems more efficiently
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