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If you’re reading this, then – like us – you have the desire to work on video games for a living. And our Game Design Skills courses help you do just that.

Hear directly from some of our alumni as they begin to make a living doing their dream career and thrive in the game development industry.

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Hear Directly From Those Who Got Results:

Mike Breese

Systems Designer @Riot Games

“Without the help of GDS, I wouldn’t have been able to land my dream job at RIOT”

Mike Breese was a student at the University of Utah and worked on a number of games on his own before taking First Principles of Game Des…

Dustin Kohnen

Senior Game Designer @Yager

“The Game Design Skills program has helped me significantly in my design career”

Dustin Kohnen was an experienced technical implementer, but really struggled with finding ways to get better at PvP and systems desig…

Ruhan Bello

Game Developer @Photon Engine 

“It’s been rewarding to partake in a program that provides me the opportunity to get all my game design questions answered ever so directly.”

Ruhan Bello was a test engineer at Exit Games, working on a powerful new platform for multiplayer titles. However, his dream of be…

Justin Chin

“Upon enrolling in Alex’s course and starting the program, it felt like a veil had been lifted where I could see and notice things I couldn’t before.” 

Justin Chin was a student from a famous game development school, who despite having spent years learning the craft of game develop…

Michael Swedo

Game Designer @Riot Games 

“Alex’s lessons helped me find my voice as a designer, emphasizing clear, consistent mechanics and connecting with my players.”

Michael Swedo was a student at UC:Irvine and looking for a way to combine his love of music and games when he created a classical music…

Ses Goe

Director of Internal Tools @NOCD

“The course was so exciting for me because Alex focused on the most important aspect of video games: the people who play them!”

Ses was working as an engineer at a local company in his hometown in the American south. He reached out to Alex because it was always…

Josef & Simone

Founders @DU&I Games

“Our university degree was not as practical and design focused as Alex’s teachings”

Josef was working at customer support at Blizzard Entertainment and reached out to Alex in his final days there for his twitter. Years later, Simon…

Jonathan Alcontin

Lead Designer @Tilting Point 

“Alex’s knowledge will help you become a stronger designer.”

Jonathan Alcontin had just been promoted to lead designer on a mobile title at Tilting Point and wanted to become a better game design leade…

Brian Urbanek

Senior Lead Game Designer @Activision 

“I was immediately impressed with the clarity and craft inherited in Alex’s style.”

Looking for an ideal set of principles and lessons to use to teach the junior designers at Firaxis, Brian used the FPGD concepts to level-up his…

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