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Nourish your skills as a game designer…

and learn from those who collaborate on your favorite games.

Join the private game design community to receive personal guidance and the support that you need to advance as a game designer.

Ask questions, network and learn exactly what it takes to design irresistible games straight from the mouth of AAA game designers themselves.

Join community members who worked on:


and more…

Eliminate Mental Clutter And Create Meaningful Designs

Becoming a skilled designer and advancing in the field is a joyful process, but…

It doesn’t happen overnight. Problems from your gameplay simply not being engaging enough to your game mechanics just not working can all stack up and overwhelm you at times.

And as you may already know, feeling lost is just dreadful.

Especially when you’re forced to sit by and witness those valuable hours & days pass by without coming any closer to a solution…

But what if you could get to the root of your concerns, learn  andget personal guidance directly from AAA designers?

That means at any moment you have the freedom to ask questions, post your challenges and receive instruction from professional designers in a direct and efficient manner!

Well, say no more…
Because That’s Game Design Skill Think Tank:

A private online community where aspiring and experienced industry game designers gather to offer personal advice and hold open discussions about common questions, goals, and interests.

Game Design Is a Large & Diverse Field

Here you’ll have access to a variety of specialists in the field

In the community, you’ll meet a good mixture of aspiring game designers along with industry professionals who hold titles such as:

Game Designers

Senior Level Designers 

Lead Animators

Concept Artists

Quality Assurance (testers)


Narrative Implementers


Game Journalists

And more…

Get down to the nitty-gritty with the help of your peers and understand what it takes to design truly engaging games that your players can’t resist.

The Freedom to Network, Expand and Grow

Exchange & implement fresh ideas


Get all your game design questions answered


Get noticed in the field and advance your career

Expand your contacts; open doors to new opportunities


Build strong business connections


Collaborate on designs & form teams for upcoming projects

Gain insights from various perspectives


Form meaningful relationships that you can turn to anytime



You’re in good company!

Don’ take our word for it. Hear it from the members…

“A lot of real game development comes in the form of discussing ideas and implementations in small groups. Hence, having a platform to share and explore your design work with other game developers provides a real space for constructive critique and positive reinforcement for your work.”

Michael Swedo
Senior Game Designer, Jam City



“The most enticing thing about joining Game Design Think Tank is learning game design without having to be an expert on the subject because everyone in the community is welcoming and passionate to learn from one another. Inside the community, you can connect with many game designers from around the world who share different experiences and unique perspectives in which you can use their knowledge to help you become a better designer.”

Victor Jesus Arroyo Reye
Mobile Game Director/Game Developer



“Game Design Think Tank is a great way to reach out to people who work on different projects and have interesting game design discussions about whatever you want, whenever you want. Normally I need to harass a friend at work or go on a rant to my friends/pets, but with this community, I can simply chat with designers around the world about whatever topic I’m curious about.”

Mike breese
Level Designer, WB Avalanche



“It’s very rewarding to finally be in a community in which I can get all my game design questions answered directly. Before joining the GDTT, I had never met anybody who worked as a game designer or anybody who actually had a creative process that’s not uniquely based on personal preferences. Now, I have access to a whole community of very experienced people, with a wide variety of backgrounds. I can ask about their creative process, about how to build a portfolio, get feedback on my projects and much more. This is especially nice for beginners as we usually start with many questions in our head that not even Google knows how to answer properly.”

Ruhan Bello
Aspiring Game Designer



“This workshop has significantly helped me in my design career. When discussing game design and any related material, I can simply recognize that I am way more structured than most other designers. I can see what the trades are in design decisions and it’s because of the lenses. One of the biggest values in the community is connecting with experienced designers and exploring different ideas because they can help you understand which thought processes to follow when aiming to design better and more exciting games.”

Dustin Kohnen
Game Designer, Aesir Interactive GmbH



A Quick Peak Inside Your Community Platform

In GDSTT community, conversations take place in channels.


Select the appropriate channel that correlates with the subject in mind.

Join in on any conversations you find interesting/helpful,

or directly state your thoughts & concerns…

…and problem-solve with the help of passionate industry designers.

How Does This Work?

For just $19/month, you will be part of an engaged group of game design professional and enthusiasts (i.e. game designers, game developers, game artists, etc.)

There’s no deadline.

There’s no discount.

There’s no push.

Just access to a community of “no-BS” game design colleagues at different stage of their game design journey.

In fact, if you’re on the fence at all, please spend your money on something else.

The quality of the Game Design Skill Think Tank community depends solely on the quality of the members, so we only want to attract people who want to be here to both benefit and contribute. 

If this community makes sense to you, you’ll know it.

We hope to see you inside!

Join using one of the membership options, and you’ll be immediately emailed a link to setup your Slack account.


The whole process from start to finish takes less than 5 minutes. Then we’ll see you inside!



Note: the current membership price you join at will never increase, even during future membership price increases.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a high school student, can I join?

GDSTT community is open to all individuals 18 years or older. If you are under 18 years old, please contact us at  to discuss further.

Are there prerequisites for joining the community?

NO. There are no prerequisites to join. Just make sure you have access to the internet.

Can I participate if I live outside of the US?

Absolutely! There are no additional costs.

How do I post or start a new thread?

Click the link below to get complete details on how to use the community platform.
GameDesignSkillThinkTank Community Communication Protocols

What if I have additional questions or concerns?

 Simply send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.


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