Important information for new members

Welcome to Game Design Skill Think Tank! Before you start exploring the depths of the threads within the Slack channel, it’s worth taking a few minutes to go through some important information about the community.

Membership rules

Rule #1: No pitching or solicitation of any kind. Ever. However, you can show off your games you’re working on.

Rule #2: Be respectful to your fellow members. Personal attacks, spamming, “trolling”, slander, racial slurs, and general bigotry will not be tolerated; you will be immediately, and permanently banned and publicly outed.

Rule #3: Be considerate of people’s individual learning curves and learning styles. If you have to go deep on a question or wish to discuss something in more detail, please use DM.

Rule #4: Please follow the communication protocols of the group, so we can keep our community organized and accessible.

Rule #5: ​If you have any questions related to your membership or billing, please email us at or chat with us here.

Member Slack channels

Here are all the current channels available for all community members, join any that interest you (you’re welcome to join all of them if you like):

#start-here​ – New to the community? Please introduce yourself here first.

#announcements​ – This is where all announcements will be made.

⚠️#question-answerBe sure to post your questions here and you’ll always get an answer within 24 hours.

#stay-updated – Stay current (and contribute) on what’s going on in the game design (and gaming) space.

First Principles of Game Design (learn more) discussion channels (included in membership):

#fpgd-clarity​ – Discuss FPGD Module 1 Clarity topics.

#fpgd-motivation – Discuss FPGD Module 2 Motivation topics.

#fpgd-response – Discuss FPGD Module 3 Response topics.

​#fpgd-satisfaction – Discuss FPGD Module 4 Satisfaction topics.

​#fpgd-viscerality – Discuss FPGD Module 5 Viscerality topics.

​#fpgd-strategy – Discuss FPGD Module 6 Strategy topics.

#fpgd-fantasy – Discuss FPGD Module 7 Fantasy topics.

​#fpgd-leveling-up – Discuss FPGD Module 8 Leveling Uptopics.

​#fpgd-bonus – Discuss FPGD Bonus Module (core skills & career paths)topics.

Note: There are specific sub-threads for each sub-topic videos under each module channel.

New to the community?

Here is what you do:

First, say “Hi”: If you are new, please introduce yourself in the #start-here channel and get acquainted with everyone in the community.

Then, get your questions answered: Be sure to post your questions in the #question-answer channel and you will always get an answer within 24 hours.

Sensitive questions?

Do you have a question you’re not comfortable sharing publicly in the group? Whether it’s a game update or sensitive data, art, or any other confidential information – we understand. Shoot us a DM and we’ll help you out privately.


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