How to Be a Video Game Tester in the Game Dev Industry | Rian Trost | Funsmith Fireside Chats #11

Funsmith Fireside Chats Episode #11

Guest: Rian Trost

Rian Trost is a veteran of video game QA from Sony to Blizzard, he’s helped make some of your favorite games work. If you ever wanted to build a career in testing and QA, you don’t want to miss this!

Rian offers great insight for anyone interested in working in QA as a tester including the expectations of a QA tester, how to excel as one, and how QA testers and designers work together. Along with some behind-the-scenes QA talk, Rian also offers his thoughts on the changing gaming industry and how to follow your passions to land the jobs you want.

Rian Trost started his career at 19 years old testing his dream game Tribes at Sony. After finishing QA work on Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest Online Adventures, and PlanetSide, he moved to Blizzard as a QA Lead. His years of experience offer amazing insight on what it takes to test video games, work in QA, and how to build a career with very little to start.

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Episode Chapters (with Timestamps)

00:00 Introduction of Rian Trost
2:05 Welcoming Words and Chitchat
3:54 How Did Rian Trost Get into Gaming?
10:32 How Much Do QA and Testers Have to Work?
13:03 Can QA Designers Bring You Better Roles in Gaming?
15:10 Women in the Gaming Industry Who Are Crushing It
19:20 Lessons From Women in the Gaming Industry
21:43 The Ins and Outs of QA
24:34 What Happened with Starcraft Ghost?
26:38 What Are the Most Fun Games to QA?
28:38 Why Are the Best Games to QA the Worst Games to Play?
31:16 How to Transition Out of Game Testing to Other Roles?
34:01 Key to Blizzard & Riot’s Successful Releases
38:34 How QA and Designers Should Work Together
46:24 Game Studio Internal Networking Secret
48:19 Lessons in Hiring in the Video Game Industry (Blizzcon)
51:46 What’s it Like Behind the Scenes at Blizzcon
53:46 Rian Trost’s Proudest Moments at Blizzard
1:00:20 How to Transition from QA to a Concept Artist
1:06:59 Skill vs. Talent in the Video Game Industry
1:13:43 Sign Off, Thank Yous, and Final Advice for Video Game Artist