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Our readers have started and leveled up their careers in...


→ How does the game designer hiring process work (a peak under the hood)

→ How to learn the skills video game studios are hiring for

→ How to level-up your game design career without getting lucky

→ What is level design? And how to learn it? (+ 2 no-code prototyping exercises)

→ How to become a level designer?

→ Clarifying different game design sub-disciplines and seniority structures

→ How to become a game systems designer

→ 31.2 Demonology – How to cultivate contextual creativity in a class overhaul

Game: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
Game Element: Warlock Class Overhaul
Discipline: Class Design

Brian Feeny – League of Legends Champion Designer and Wild Rift Design Director

Alanna Linayre – Visual Novel Designer at Toadhouse Games

Ryan Scott – Lead Character Designer on Valorant (designed Zyra)

Ahmed Salama – User Experience Designer at Ubisoft

Alex Yee – Creator of League of Legends Arcane Netflix animated series

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